Improvised Star Trek (extras)
For ten years Improvised Star Trek explored the final frontier of comedy by turning Star Trek into an improv office comedy. Taking suggestions submitted on Twitter and Facebook, the cast (featuring some of Chicago’s top improvisors) creates a fully improvised episode detailing the adventures of the USS Sisyphus, a less enterprising starship. New episodes are posted every other week. Improvised Star Trek is a fan production. Star Trek is property of CBS.

Part 3 of a conversation the cast of Improvised Star Trek had following the final episode of IST, recorded August 18, 2019

Rayna Caskey
Sean Kelley
Chris Rathjen
Nick Wagner
Mary Cait Walthall
Julia Weiss
Matt Young

Hear the last episode of IST with the cast at our live listening party November 22. RSVP here.

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Part 2 of a conversation the cast of Improvised Star Trek had following the final episode of IST, recorded August 18, 2019


Rayna Caskey
Sean Kelley
Chris Rathjen
Nick Wagner
Mary Cait Walthall
Julia Weiss
Matt Young

RSVP for our final episode listening party, Nov 22, here:


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The Crew meets a down-on-its-luck Tribble, and does what they do best.

Plus, find details about how you can join the cast for the final episode of Improvised Star Trek.

Improvised on August 18, 2019 from many many suggestion by all of you. Thank you.

Edited by Chris Rathjen


Rayna Caskey as Security Chief Bobbi Intern
Sean Kelley as Lt. Cdr. Crick Watson
Chris Rathjen as Cdr. Corbomite Hayes, a Tribble-monger
Nick Wagner as Lt. Ch'arles Lorem
Mary Cait Walthall as Dr. Zarlene Zonalzon
Julia Weiss as Lt. Rita King
Matt Young as Captain Julius Valentine Baxter

The Final Episode of Improvised Star Trek will air November 23rd
RSVP for our final episode listening party, Nov 22, here:
Read about the first performance of Improvised Star Trek ten eyars ago here:

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Part 1 of a conversation the cast of Improvised Star Trek had following the final episode of IST, recorded August 18, 2019



Rayna Caskey
Sean Kelley
Chris Rathjen
Nick Wagner
Mary Cait Walthall
Julia Weiss
Matt Young

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It's a special announcement from the cast of Improvised Star Trek.

Improvised Star Trek's first appeared as a live show on October 19, 2009, & was reborn as a podcast on April 10, 2011.

After a decade aboard the USS Sisyphus, and over 200 episodes, we're flying off into the sunset.

Keep listening for final episodes and behind-the-scenes material in coming months as we prepare to say goodbye to the finest ship in the fleet.

And if you're in Chicago, check out our final live performance as part of Otherworld Theatre's Genre-Thon. Get your tickets here.

And thanks for taking the voyage with us.

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You think this a bonus scene?

Improvised July 28, 2019 from a suggestion by Shawn Morgan via Facebook


Chris Rathjen as Corbomite Hayes
Sean Kelley as Entity 1
Nick Wagner as Entity 2
Mary Cait Walthall as Entity 3

The News:

- See us Live as GenreThon!

- Check out The Experts podcast featuring Irene Marquette

-Thanks to new iTunes reviewers!

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Lt. Sourdough makes his play.

Improvised as a warm-up on June 30, 2019 from a suggestion by @greenturtles6 via Twitter.

Nick Wagner as Lt. Cdr. Ch'arles Lorem
Matt Young as Lt. Sourdough
Julia Weiss as Cpt. Butter

Edited by Chris Rathjen


We're performing live with the Otherworld Theater's SciFi Comedy Festival Genre-Thon August 24. Details Here.

Thanks to all our recent iTunes reviewers!

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Rita springs twitterpation on an alien captain.

Improvised on April 7, 2019 from a suggestion by Gavin Rehder via Facebook


Julia Weiss as Lt. Rita King
Chris Rathjen as Alien Captain
Nick Wagner as Lt. Ch'arles Lorem
Sean Kelley as Lt. Cdr. Crick Watson


Thanks for coming to C2E2! Check out our Youtube page for video!
We appeared on the Final Frontier Podcast Ep 33!
Thanks to new iTunes reviewers!

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The Borg attempt a new strategy for recruitment, and Zarlene finds it difficult to resist.

Bonus improvised as a warm-up on January 13, 2019 from a suggestion by Brandon Makaryk via Facebook

Edited by Eric Scull

Sean Kelley as Borg
Mary Cait Walthall as Zarlene Zonalzon

Are you a Hugo Nominator? Do you have a friend who is a Hugo nominator who you've been meaning to recommend Improvised Star Trek to? Hugo nominations are due March 15, and Improvised Star Trek would like offer itself up for your consideration in the category of Best Fancast! And whether you are or not, we have a list of some of our best eps of 2018 on our website.

We'll be doing a live podcast performance at C2E2: March 23 on the CAH Comedy Theater Stage - keep an eye on our SM for details.

New reviews since November: tersegal, Anna Poulton, Slitherclaw, rangatology, Jadzia, Hellywood, JamesZa, CaptainRyan007; big thanks!


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We're happy to spread the word about a new SciFi Comedy podcast from Earlwolf that we think you, the listeners of Improvised Star Trek, might also enjoy:

Voyage to the Stars
follows the misadventures of a group of misfits that accidentally found themselves on the wrong side of a wormhole, trying not to blow up the galaxy on their way home. Starring Felicia Day, Colton Dunn, Janet Varney, and Steve Berg. The universe will never be the same. Check out Voyage to the Stars in Apple Podcasts:

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Follow us on Facebook and Periscope to watch our 200th episode improvised live!

Or, if you're in Chicago, get your ticket to see us in person! 

Show starts at 8pm central time!

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Rita and Lorem have died of Syphilis.

Improvised September 30, 2018 from a suggestion by Justin Kavanaugh via Facebook


Nick Wagner as Lt. Ch'arles Lorem
Julia Weiss as Lt. Rita King


Reyna Caskey as Loraine
Sean Kelley as Cow
Chris Rathjen as Constance
Gepetto, Sandra, Mertle, Frell, & Bler as themselves

We're having a special Live show to celebrate our 200th episode.  Check out our website for details on how to join us in Chicago or stream the show live December 18!

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Crick meets Dracula. Finally.

Improvised November 4, 2018 from a suggestion by JJ Melcher via facebook.


Sean Kelley Lt. Cdr. Crick Watson
Matt Yound as Count Dracula, Renfield

Edited by Chris Rathjen

News this week:
Eli Mandel departs for Saturday Night Live (like a month ago)
Thanks to new reviewers!
Improvised Star Trek is on Spotify!

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Please enjoy this week's bonus scene.

Edited by Chris Rathjen


Eli Mandel as Rip Stipley
Matt Young as Captain Baxter

"Taxi, Follow that Shuttle!" was improvised as a warm-up scene on July 22, 2018 from a suggestion by TalonLardner via Twitter.

If your IST episodes 191 or 194 sound funny (in a weird way. not in the usual way) simpy re-download the episodes on your podcast app. We had some technical issues that have since been addressed!

Check out editor Hannah Parsons with Star Trek producer Jeri Taylor in "Winter," for more details visit

Thanks to recent iTunes reviewers Bbbbbbrrrriiiii, Lt. Leordi GaForge, TonyEW63, and treeberg. 

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Mary Cait Walthall as Derkter Zerlern Zernerner
Julia Weiss as Lerternern Reter Kerng

Improvised June 24, 2018 from a suggestion by Tyson Thorp via Facebook.

Edited by Chris Rathjen


Matt Young (Captain Baxter) has appeared on the 15 Minutes With Lincoln podcast

Eric Scull (Producer) has a new podcast HR Unconfidential

Mary Cait Walthall has a Go Fund Me for her training at London's Embodies Poetics School

We're a year behind on thanking people for iTunes reviews! Sorry, we really appreciate it everyone!

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In this flashback to the early days of their relationship, Rip and Zarlene boldy balance career, romance, and veneral civilizations.

Improvised August 6, 2017 from a suggestion by Duke DeRiven via Facebook.

Eli Mandel as Acting Security Chief Rip Stiply
Mary Cait Walthall as Dr. Zarlene Zonalzon
Nick Wagner as Lt. Ch'arles Lorem
Matt Young as Captain Julius Valentine Baxter

edited by Chris Rathjen


Come see us onstage June 2 at the opening of Juggernaut Film Festival with their guest of honor Gates McFadden, aka Dr. Beverly Crusher!

Thanks to everyone who came out and saw us at C2E2!

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Captain Baxter and Rip get in over their heads when the captain decides to drive away in a Toyota Pathfinder.

Improvised February 4, 2018 from a suggestion via @ChampionHack on Twitter

Edited by Eli Mandel

Eli Mandel as Rip Stipley
Matt Young as Julius V. Baxter

News for March 25, 2018
- Thanks to all who came out to our 3/19 live show! Photos can be found on our Flickr
- We are performing April 7 @ 6pm at C2E2!
- We were featured on WGN Radio's "Outside the Loop" episode 597 (7min30sec timestamp) 
- Thanks to all who listened to Crownin' Around, Eli's amazing podcast!
- We reached 2,378 followers on Twitter! Thank you so much for your support.

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Lorem and Bobbi crap open a cold one*.

*recursive paradox

Improvised February 11, 2018 from a suggestion via @nerdlunch

Includes News for March 3, 2018

- Improvised Star Trek is playing live this year at C2E2! April 7 at 6:30
- Eli Mandel has a new podcast of his own, "Crowning Around"
- We've been receiving a lot of great Fan Art lately and we love it!
- We've also got a show incognito on March 19!* DM us on Twitter or Facebook for details


*An earlier version of the bonus said March 18. It is in fact March 19!


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Happy New Year! The cast and crew pick their favorite episodes of 2017.


Background music from Smooth Federation by Alexander Alan

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Rip has the Captain right where he wants him, and is prepared to go all the way for the Sisyphus' command codes.

This episode was improvised as a warm-up scene on September 3, 2017 from a suggestion by Matthew Thomas Antosh via Facebook.

Edited by Eric Scull


Eli Mandel as Acting Security Chief Rip Stipley
Julia Weiss as Lt. Rita King
Matt Young as Captain Julius V. Baxter

News and Announcements:

The next full episode of IST will be released 10/15/2017. Then, the following episode on 10/29.

Check out Eli Mandel on the MBSing Podcast, talking about his passion for Jackie Chan.

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Lorem embraces other peoples' heritage.

Improvised as a warm-up on April 2, 2014 from a title by Ryan Soto on Facebook

Sean Kelley as Crick Watson
Nick Wagner as Ch'arles Lorem

Rayna Caskey as Intern Bobbi
Eleanor Hollingsworth as an Ensign
Eli Mandel as Rip Stiply
Chris Rathjen as Corbomite Hayes

Plus The News:

Check out our new website!

Thanks for all the iTunes Reviews! Keep 'em coming!

Music: Jupiter by Gustav Holst, performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. Well done Juno Mission!

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Talents emerge and a new crew member starts at the most important location on the ship: Starboards.


Rayna Caskey joins the cast as Ensign Bobbie Intern!


Also, you can see Chris, Sean, and Julia at the Cards Against Humanity Live! show at the Greenhouse Theater on Friday April 26th.

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Enjoy this lost episode from 2013, 2373, when the crew get embroiled in a seedy starbase ensign fighting ring.

Improvised from a suggestion by Justin Kavanaugh

Scored by Dan Granta

Griffen Eckstein as Lt. Cdr. Fritz Fassbinder, Ensign Lackey, Cpt. Alistaire Cookie
Sean Kelley as Lt. Cdr. Crick Watson, Bouncer, MC
Irene Marquette as Lt. Lady Cola, Cocktail Waitress
Christopher Rathjen as Cdr. Corbomite Hayes
Nick Wagner as Ensign Ch'arles Lorem, Cdr. Manny Chartruse
Julia Weiss as Cdr. Moe Philmore

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A special bonus episode, suggested by Ben Syn. Improvised on March 19, 2017.

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Rip brings it in.

Improvised on January 8, 2017 from a suggestion by Rob Coffin


Eli Mandel as Rip Stiply

Matt Young as Cpt. Julius Valentine Baxter



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News for Nov. 7th!

Many thanks to NerdCon for inviting us to participate and perform in their wonderful convention this year.

Eli Mandel is performing his solo comedy show "Crownin' Around" on Wednesdays in November at the iO theater. It is sure to be hilarious, and more details can be found in the link below:


Check out Eric Scull chatting with Pats in PatTrek, discussing the Season 2 TNG episode The Royale.


And many thanks to all of our recent iTunes reviewers! Your reviews warm our hearts and our worms.


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Counselor Rayvek tries to figure out what's on the ship's mind, seeing as how she's on its deck.


Eleanor Hollingsworth as Counselor Rayvek
Griffen Eckstein as Fritz Fassbinder
& Iona Kelley as Sisyfritz Jr.

Improvised July 24,2016 from a suggestion by Makenzie Alexander Boyle


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Fritz shows Rip who's boss.  Also who's Rump.

Improvised June 26 from a suggestion by Joe Redhead via Facebook.

Griffen Eckstein as Fritz Fassbinder
Eli Mandel as Rip/Rump Stiply/Stumply
Matt Young as Captain Julius V. Baxter


Direct download: ISTBonus_20160920RumpStumply.mp3
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Captain Baxter tasks Commander Hayes with exterminating a flying squirrel.

Griffen Eckstein as Chief Engineer Fritz Fassbinder
Chris Rathjen as Commander Corbomite Hayes
Matt Young as Captain Julius Valentine Baxter

Improvised as a warm-up July 24th from a suggestion by Byron Walthall.



Direct download: ISTBonus_20160914_FritzGetsAManBun.mp3
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This week's news: 

Many thanks to the Chicago Nerd Comedy festival and all of the folks who came to see our show there this year!


We are now a finalist in the Parsec Awards!


Check out Eric Scull talking about one of his favorite movies, Frequency, on the Cinescope podcast.


Join us at NerdCon Stories in Minneapolis this October, where we'll be doing a show, panels, a workshop, and more!


Direct download: ISTBonus_AlienVPredatorEsq.mp3
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Improvised Star Trek will be performing at the Chicago Nerd Comedy fest in August:


We will also be performing and presenting panel discussions at NerdCon Stories from October 14th-15th:


Sean Kelley was featured on a recent episode of the Nerd Lunch podcast:


And many thanks for the many lovely recent iTunes reviews!

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   An unlikely duo discuss breakfast foods while performing maintenance on the upper nacelles.   
   Improvised January 10, 2016 from a title by Paul Nichols via Facebook   
   Edited by Eric Scull   
   Christopher Rathjen as Cdr. Corbomite Hayes, Bronson   
   Matt Young as Pancakes Johnson   
   Sean Kelley's character, Jack Vorpal (Foon's Greatest Swordsman) has returned to "Hello from the Magic Tavern." Check out Episode 63 of their podcast.   
   Game of Thrones fans: check out IST editor Eric Scull's "Game of Owns" podcast's interview with Hodor actor Kristian Nairn.   
   IST's Julia Weiss helped contribute to Cards Against Humanity's "Donald Trump Bug Out Bag." Read about it from Time Magazine.   
   Congratulations to our friends, Our Fair City, for the successful launch of the seventh season of their podcast!   
   IST's Griffen Eckstein will be performing live at iO Theater, Tuesday nights in June. Event details are at this link. The Improvised Star Trek cast will be joining him... keep an eye on our social media for more details.   
Direct download: ISTBonusPancakeBreakfast.mp3
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Bonus: The Making of Something About A Gorn
 This week's bonus is a chat with Eric Scull, Chris Rathjen and Nick Wagner about the making of IST's first episode.  
 Full chat is on YouTube  
 Check out the Televerse podcast to hear Sean Kelley's Star Trek Fantasy Draft!  
 Thanks to the following folks for great iTunes reviews:  
 OkieLane, Robertt364, RichardBowenCPA, Manabizzle,Spiritpotato

Our friends at Our Fair City are hosting their Season Seven Seven Launch Party Saturday, May 21st at the Preston Bradley Center (941 W Lawrence, Chicago, IL)

With live performances, music and dancing, complimentary food and beverages, and more Tickets and more information at
Direct download: IST_Gorn_5th_Anniversary.m4v
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Captain Baxter and Fritz meet in the ready room to discuss their big news, so as not to crash Corbomite's special journey.

Improvised as a warm-up scene on February 14, 2016, from a suggestion by Mike Medina via Facebook.

Edited by Eric Scull

Griffen Eckstein as Lt. Cdr. Fritz Fassbender
Matt Young as Captain Julius Valentine Baxter

- Improvised Star Trek is now 5 years old! April 9th marked the 5th anniversary of "Ep 1: About a Gorn" being published on the podcast feed.
- Check out the remastered version of About a Gorn!
- IST will be live, one week from today! That's Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 at Stage 773 in Chicago. The show is at 8pm and is FREE to attend! 
- Next week's live show will ALSO be streamed LIVE as it happens over the internet, using Gigity! Tickets for online streaming are $5, via this link.
- Thanks to iTunes users Gargolito, NuminousLeverage, Galbatron12, and ProudR/HrShipper for their generous iTunes reviews!

Direct download: ISTBonus_042016_Sigh_Its_a_Corbomite_Episode_Folks.mp3
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The Captain Baxter is looking for a doctor, Lt. King is looking to lose one.


Weeping with the Enemy was recorded as a warmup February 7th, 2016, from a suggestion by Joel Svensson.




Eleanor Hollingsworth as Counselor Rayvek

Mary Cait Walthall as Zarlene Zonalzon

Julia Weiss as Lt. Rita King

Matt Young as Captain Julius Valentine Baxter


This Weeks News:


  • Welcome to new cast member Eleanor Hollingsworth
  • We’ll be at Nerdiest in Chicago 4/27/2016
  • You can see us (including Eleanor) at last years Nerdfest:  Cost is $5, go to timecode 22:15
  • Twitter contest winners: Brian Sebby in Chicago won tickets to Star Trek: the Ultimate Voyage with this entry:

"Gravity of Love" (M/S/BH) Fritz finally fulfils his dream of a 3-way between him, the Sisyphus, and a black hole. "

  • K.Scott Huntly won a schematic of the USS Sisyphus with his entry:

“Holodeck Gordon Ramsey starts a new season of Hells Kitchen; all the contestants just use replicators to get it perfect every time"


Thanks for listening.

Background music for News was the theme for Star Trek IV:The Voyage Home; Smooth Federation by Andrew Allen

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Who are you gonna believe? Me, or your lying lips?

I can’t believe I Kissed You was Improvised December 13, 2015 from a suggestion by Saskia Slottje.

Sean Kelley as Lt Cdr. Crick Watson
Eli Mandel as Rip Stiply
Christopher Rathjen as Cdr. Corbomite Hayes
Nick Wagner as Lt. Ch’arles Lorem


- We’ve got Free Tickets to Star Trek the Ultimate Voyage Saturday March 19th.  To enter to win tweet us your IST Fan Fiction with hashtag #ISTFF. Chicago entries will be entered to win two Free tickets to The Ultimate Voyage, entries from listeners who won’t be in Chicago on March 19 can win a Mast System Display Schematic of the USS Sisyphus, designed by LCARS Artist Alexander Richardson.

- We’ve been getting a lot of new listeners making title suggestions, so let us remind you the best time to send suggestions our way is a Friday or Saturday before recordings.  You can submit via twitter or Facebook.

- IST Editor/Producer Eric Scull has a new Star WARS podcast: "Resistance Radio," via, a Star Wars all-news all-fan podcast featuring veteran podcasters talking the latest in the SW universe. Twitter: @RRadioPodcast

Direct download: IST_Bonus20160221.mp3
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News for Jan 25th, 2016:

You can catch improvised Star Trek cast members on other podcasts this week! Listen to Sean Kelly talk about Violence and video games on the Nerdologues Talking Games podcast.


You can also catch Sean discussing the TNG episode The Naked Now on a new podcast project called Pat Trek!

And finally, Matt Young appears with the rest of his Magic Tavern cohorts on the One Shot podcast.

Direct download: ISTBonusSingleMenDoubleLadies.mp3
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Did somebody say wish?

Improvised November 8th, 2015 from a suggestion by Paul Nichols via Facebook.

Edited by Chris Rathjen

Griffen Eckstein as Lt. Cdr. Fritz Fassbinder, Lt. Leopold Lackey
Chris Johnson as Christmas Yeti
Sean Kelley as Santa Claus, Lt. Cdr. Crick Watson
Eli Mandel as Rip Stiply, Lt. Jeremy Swanson
Nick Wagner as Lt. Ch'arles Lorem
Mary Cait Walthall as Dr. Zarlene Zonalzon
Matt Young as Captain Julius Valentine Baxter, Sally, Lt. Greg

Direct download: ISTBonus__20151221_BaxtersXmasWish.mp3
Category:extras -- posted at: 6:00am CST

Zarlene teaches Baxter and Corbo about the Nerds and the Knees.



Chris Rathjen as Corbomite Hayes

Mary Cait Walthall as Dr. Zarlene Zonalzon

Matt Young as Captain Julius V. Baxter



-One final week of our Live run at iO Chicago.

--With openers Our Fair City;

--And special guest SAND, New City's Best Chicago Improv team of 2015.

--Speaking of guests, check out this live performance of klingon Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

-Thanks to ThePeak & Is4you for iTunes reviews.

-Matt Young appeared on the Rabbit Hole Podcast.


Direct download: ISTBonus_20151214.mp3
Category:extras -- posted at: 8:41pm CST

Inadvertent cruelty is rampant in this bonus scene.

News of the week: there are three more live shows left for 2015! Join us December 4th, 11th, and 18th at 10:30pm.

Improvised Star Trek won the 2015 Audioverse award for best Fan/Adaptation Comedy! Many thanks to all who voted for us. 

Thanks also to Dat_Woona for a new iTunes review! 

And check out the latest episodes of Your Stories and Taylor Talk for more podcast goodness from IST cast and crew.

Direct download: IST_Bonus_Spot_Vs_the_Cucumber.mp3
Category:extras -- posted at: 12:11am CST

Just the worst.


Improvised November 8, 2015 from a suggestion by Joel Svensson



Sean Kelly as Crick Watson 

Eli Mandel as Alien Mayor, Alien

Mary Cait Walthall as Alien Ambassador, Dr. Zarlene Zonalzon

Nick Wagner as Alien Child

Matt Young as Cpt. Julius V. Baxter


Edited by Christopher Rathjen



Thanks Andorian Jedi for an iTunes review

Check out Irene Marquette's interview on the Feast of Fun Podcast

Check out Matt Young in the stop-motion short Speed Dating

Check out Nick Wagner and Hannah Parsons in Your Stories

Come to our live show!


Background music was Theme to Deep Space Nine from Smooth Federation by Andrew Allen

Direct download: IST_20151116Bonus.mp3
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Crick reveals what he's been storing in carbonite... and it isn't Corbomite.

Improvised October 26, 2014 from a suggestion by Andrew Vanderwoude

Sean Kelley as Lt. Cdr. Crick Watson
Christopher Rathjen as Cdr. Corbomite Hayes
Matt Young as Cpt. Julius V. Baxter, Evil Baxter, Evil Baxter's Evil Twin

with Special Guest Shad Kunkle as the Crypt Keeper (Lt. Cdr. Gary Williamson)

Edited by Eric Scull

News for October 31, 2015:

Happy Halloween!

Direct download: IST_Bonus_Evil_Baxters_Evil_Twin.mp3
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Zarlene hears wedding klaxons.


Mary Cait Walthall as Dr. Zarlene Zonalzon
Matt Young as Cpt. Julius Valentine Baxter
Eli Mandel as Borg Drone

Improvised September 27th from a suggestion by @jhawver via twitter
Thanks to ValorCon for hosting our panel and One Shot for beating us as Artemis
Direct download: ISTBonus_20151018WeHaveEngagedtheBorg.mp3
Category:extras -- posted at: 12:49pm CST

Lady answers an ad.



Griffen Eckstein as En. Murray?

Irene Marquette as Lady Cola


News for October 6, 2015:

Direct download: ISTBonus_20151006.mp3
Category:extras -- posted at: 10:34am CST

Hopes are high, likely too high, when the crew goes on vacation.

Improvised July 12, 2015 from a Suggested by Tyson Thorp.

This episode sponsored by Emporium Arcade Bar, a member of the Chicago Podcast Coop.

Edited by Christopher Rathjen


Griffen Eckstein as Chief Engineer Fritz Fassbinder, Lt. Lackey, Carm Difference

Eli Mandel as Acting Doctor Rip Stipley

Bex Marsh as Hotel Clerk, Mrs. Stipley

Nick Wagner as Lt. Ch'arles Lorem

Julia Weiss as Lt. Rita King

Matt Young as Captain Julius Valentine Baxter, Mr. King

Direct download: IST120_UnrealisticButStillGreatExpectations.mp3
Category:extras -- posted at: 10:56pm CST

The crew faces an emergency. A bathroom emergency.


Improvised July 19th, 2015 from a suggestion by Tyson Thorp

News of the week!

You can catch Matt Young talkin' nerd on the most recent episodes of the Nerd Outcast and Nerdologues: Your Stories podcasts. You can also catch both Matt and Sean on An Hour With your Ex!


We're performing at PAX Seattle this weekend, as part of the Cards Against Humanity comedy shows! If you're at PAX, please come check us out at the ACT Theatre.


Thanks to our recent iTunes reviews, and to our fans who came out to the Chicago Nerd Comedy fest last week!

Direct download: ISTBonus-08262015.mp3
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Fritz and Corbomite chew the fat.



Griffen Eckstein as Fritz Fassbinder

Eli Mandel as Acting Dr. Rip Stipley

Christopher Rathjen as Corbomite Hayes

Improvised July 19, 2015 from a suggestion by @vacuumflux via twitter.

News for 2015-08-09

Thanks to Squornshellous Zeta for a new iTunes review.

Improvised Star Trek will be performing at the Chicago Nerd Comedy Fest.

Congratulations to MuggleCast for 10 years of podcasting!


Background music for news: Deep Space Nine theme from Smooth Federation by ndrew Allen

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Rip has something to show Corbomite. Moo-hem ensues.


Eil Mandel as Acting Doctor Rip Stipley
Chrisopher Rathjen as Corbomite Hayes
Julia Weiss as Ensign Spot

Improvised May 31, 2015 from a suggestion by Jason Hawver via twitter.

News of the week:

Tickets for the Chicago Nerd Comedy Fest are now on sale! Improvised Star Trek will perform on Saturday August 15th. For more information, go to

Help us build character and cast lists for past episodes! Just listen to an old episode and tell us who plays whom! Go to for more details.

You can also help us buy new microphones with a donation! For more information, go to:

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This bonus scene features:
Tony Harris as Ensign Price
Sean Kelly as Crick Watson
Katy Schutte as an Ensign
News of the week:
Thanks to all our world-wide iTunes reviewers, whom we recently discovered!

Help us upgrade our mics!
We're looking for donations to help us get brand new, much improved microphones for the show. This will improve sound quality, but also help us avoid some of the technical difficulties we've had over the last couple years that have sometimes led to lost episodes.
If you donate $25, we'll send you five (5) unreleased episodes! These are episodes we improvised but never produced as full episodes, so they are without sound effects but still very funny!
Hello from the Magic Tavern!
IST's Irene Marquette is on this week's episode of Hello from the Magic Tavern, a hilarious improvised fantasy podcast also featuring our own Matt Young. For a good time, download this podcast.
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A young go-getter catches the eye of an inspector from starfleet.
Sean Kelley as LtCdr. Crick Watson
Chris Rathjen as Cdr. Corbomite Hayes
Nick Wagner as En. Ch'arles Lorem
Mary Cait Walthall as Dr. Zarlene Zonalzon
Martin Wilson as Cdr. Sherbert
Matt Young as Captain Julis Valentine Baxter
If you want to hear more of our guest Martin Wilson you can hear the full episode that we producde from that day of recordng, Ep 56: A Shuttlecraft Named Desire.

Thanks to Solaana for a new iTunes review!

Thanks to Peter Livingston and Allen Barnes for their donations! If you want to support IST, you can go to our website and do the same.
Full IST episodes are sponsored by the Chicago Podcast Coop, who bring local businesses and local podcasters together.
This Week's Nerdologues YOUR STORIES podcast features Sean Kelley!
Katy Schutte and Tony Harris of the Destination Podcast visited us! They'll be on soon! Destination is a cool improvised podcast we'll be on soon!
GOT fans should [once again] check out Game of Owns, featuring our own editor/producer Eric Scull! The post-Season 5 Finale episode is here.
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The Sisyphus gets a new acting doctor, and a new acting cheif.



Eli Mandel as Acting Dr. Rip Stipley

Matt Young as Captain Julius Valentine Baxter, Ensign Fishbutte


Plus news for 5/27/15

Eli Mandel joins the regular cast!
Check out the Nerdette and Pleasure Town podcasts!

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Is Rita hot for a cold-blooded crew member?


Griffen Eckstein as Lt Cdr. Fritz Fassbinder

Julia Weiss as Lt. Rita King



Check out Chris and Sean on the most recent episode of the Nerd Lunch podcast!

And also catch Sean telling a story at Your Stories, a live storytelling event at the Cards Against Humanity office, 1917 N Elston, at 7pm on May 17th!

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I can't really explain this better than the name does...

Improvised March 29, 2015 as a warmup from a suggestion by Tyson Thorp


Griffen Eckstein as Sarge

Sean Kelley as Lt Cdr. Crick Watson

Eli Mandel as Jem H'adar

Chris Rathjen as Jem H'adar

Matt Young as Commando Greg



Thanks to aquarius2426 for a new itunes review!

Two more chances to see us live in April!

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Baxter and Rita sweat it out.

Improvised from a suggestion by Joe Griffen. Edited by Eric Scull.


Julia Weiss as Lt. Rita King

Matt Young as Captain Julius Valentine Baxter

See us Live!

April 17 Columbia College Geek Expo

April 24 Chciago Improv Festival

Sean Kelley Guests on Hello from the Magic Tavern

Thanks for the iTunes review Ccaldwell25!

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News For 2015-03-22:

IST will perform Live at the Chicago Improv Festival

Fantastical comedy fans should check out "Hello From the Magic Tavern"

Nominate us as your favorite podcast with National Public Radio

Review us on itunes

GOT fans should check out "Game of Owns"

This weeks bonus is our full panel from ChiFi Con.  Recorded March 20, 2015 at the Palmer House Hotel, featuring:

Irene Marquette

Christopher Rathjen

Nick Wagner

Moderator: Eric Scull

Panel Description:

Patrick Stewart of Star Trek The Next Generation has recently embraced improv. Why? What is it about improv that inspires actors, geeks, and geeky actors the world over? The cast of Chicago's own Improvised Star Trek stage show and podcast explores improv, Star Trek, and why the secret to all of it might just be surrounding yourself with people who truly love what they're doing.

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Thanks to William Blair for a new iTunes review!

Captain Matt Young has produced a new comedy show in Chicago, called The Real World: Space Edition! It's running through March 28th, and is gauranteed hilarity! Find out more at

See you at ChiFi Con!

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News for Feb 22, 2015

Many thanks to Sand for guest-starring and Our Fair City for opening the show last night!

Our current run of live shows is coming to an end next week, Sunday March 1st. Performing with us will be the renowned Improvised Shakespeare Company! This show will be a hot ticket, so get yours today!

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Live show: A Big Thanks to Time Crash (, our opening act this week!

Upcoming Live Show Guests:2/15 Otherworld Theater, 2/22 Our Fair City


Check out The View From the Booth (

We'll have a panel at ChiFi Con(, details TBD

Matt will be on this weeks Nerd Outcast Podcast talking Robotech(

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Lady and Mikhail have a heart to heart.  Plus news for 2015-01-25.




Irene Marquette as Lt. Cdr. Lady Cola

Griffen Eckstein as Mikhail the Mailman


Improvised as part of Ep 103: The Undiscovered Pantry

Edited by Eric Scull


See us at iO Chicago!

Listen to us on the One-Shot Podcast!

Listen to us on the Nerd Outcast Podcast!


Background music "Insurrection" from Smooth Federation, by Andrew Allen.

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Improvised Star Trek returns to the iO stage in January 2015, with an 8-week run of shows on Sundays at 8:30pm. Visit to reserve your tickets today!

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Dr. Zonalzon's plan to navigate the holidays is a bit shakey.

Plus news for Novermber 29th, 2014



Sean Kelley as Blaknar the Magnificent

Mary Cait Walthall as Dr. Zarlene Zonalzon

Julia Weiss as Zuzan Zonalzon


Scene edited by Eric Scull



Live Show: Sundays 8:30 January 11th - March 1st, iO Theater!

This Zanksgiving we're zankful for all of you. 

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Fish murder spells something...well, its most just spells a pleasant conversation.


Plus news for 2014-11-11

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Captain Baxter tries to be the Space Master.


Plus news for 10/28/2014



Griffen Eckstein as LtCdr. Fritz Fassbinder, Ensign Leopold Lackey

Irene Marquette as Lt. Lady Cola

Matt Young as Captain Julius Valentine Baxter, Ensign Greg

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News about the monthly live show and the Improv Goblet Comedy Festival in Las Vegas on October 3rd and 4th. Plus a bonus scene with poop jokes!

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Kahless is having trouble at his part time gig.

Plus news for 2014-08-25

Nick Wagner as Kahless

Special Guest Leslie Nesbit as Customer

Matt Young as Manager

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IST OG Joe Phillips guest stars in this week's bonus scene: Boartender. Listen in the coming woeeks for the full episode(s?) we recorded when Joe last visited Chicago.

Due to the general meddling of Life, this week's episode will be delayed until Sunday the 27th. Then the next episode will be release two weeks after that, et. cetera.

July's live show is this Friday (the 25th) at the Public House theatre in Chicago. If you order your tickets in advance, you'll receive a link to download a special previously-unreleased episode of the podcast! We hope to see you there!

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This month's live show will be Friday July 25th at 10pm at the Public House Theater. Come one, come all!!!

Many thanks to the women of Improvised Jane Austen for letting us land a shuttlecraft in Regency-era England this week! Improvised Jane Austen's Alex Richmond is featured in today's bonus scene, entitled Baxter's Millions.

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In this warm-up scene, Fritz and Corbo discuss whose cup is this, and whose it isn't.

Plus news for 07-07-2014


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The Captain talks to Hot Bones about her dangerous new hobby.

Plus news for 06-18-2014

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A special scene starring Matt Young and Jordan Klepper of The Daily Show!

Plus news for 06-01-2014.

Scene Part 1: 0:00

News: 2:45

Scene Part 2: 5:30

Big thanks to Jordan Klepper and Arnie Niekamp of the Premisey podcast for sharing this scene with us.


Julia Weiss is temporarily away from the show until August, as she went and got hired to work on a cruise ship for Second City.

Improvised Star Trek will have their next live show June 27th at iO Chicago, and will be the guests of Improvised Jane Austen( July 12.

And we'll be at the Official Chicago Star Trek Convention June 6-8! (

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News for the week: Our next live show is Friday the 23rd at iO theatre--come down and see what drink specials are on offer! 

We will also be at the Chicago Star Trek convention from June 6th through June 8th. Please stop by and see us if you're there!

Many thanks to Ryan Schile and Mark Soloff of the Our Fair City post-apocalypic sci-fi podcast, who were our guests during our recording session last week. This week's bonus features Mark, and the episode we recorded with Mark and Ryan will be available in the coming weeks!

Check out Our Fair City at and Mark's Blastropodcast at!

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News: This week's episode is running late but will be up soon. Also: we'd love to see you at our live show in Chicago on April 25th!



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Captain Baxter and Commander Hayes have a very logical conversation, plus News for 2014-04-13.

Spock's Appendix was improvised as a warm-up scene on February 2, 2014 from a suggestion by Ryan Keller.

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News for the week of March 16th!  To view the video bonus scene recorded by the ?Chicago Sun-Times, check out this link: The Chicago Sun-Times 

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Lt. King and Ensign Lorem are in a real pickle, emotionally speaking.

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Thanks to our recent iTunes reviews gregor's mentor and walbergr, as well as our sponsors John Godwin, John D'Angelo, and Katie Richeson. 


We have a Live Show: February 28 iO
Special Guest: Clayton Faits Creator/Writer/Actor Our Fair City
"a [scripted ]post-apocolyptic sci-fi epic" out of Chicago
We're attending Chi-Fi Con!
After rescheduling to 2015, Chi-Fi Con is having a one day event 
Saturday March 29, 2014.  $15 
save $5 if you enter " "improvstartrek" coupon code
We'll have a table there. Come by and meet us.
Poster Contest!!!
If you'd like to help out the show, you can send us poster designs to post around Chicago and online.  Any design that you think would help to promote the show is fair game! 8.5X11 - leave 2.5x4 area blank for date and ticket info. Due April 1 
email them to us: Winners will be announced on our website.
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News for the week: Mary Cait Walthall will be taking a temporary break from the show to study theater in London, so keep all your great Zarlene zuggestions in your pocket for a while! Julia Weiss and Griffen Eckstein joined the Trek About podcast, and Nick Wagner and Sean Kelley chatted with the OCDWeeb podcast.

In the bonus scene, Corbomite and Lt. King have "the talk" about where their away team is heading.

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Captain Baxter consults Dr. Zonalzon about some aches and pains.

Improvised Septermber 22, 2013 from a suggestion by Ryan Kelly via Facebook.

There were some techincal difficulties with Dr. Zonalson's audio in the first 20 seconds, so for your information: She thinks Cpt. Baxter has early-onset athritis, and does not believe he's 29.

Speaking of technical difficulties, an earlier version of this file ran long.  Sorry! Blame the most recent Final Cut update, we're gonna.

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Here's to a happy 2014 to you all!  In this bonus we look back on 2013 and remember some out favorite moments. Thanks for listening!

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Lady & Zarlene see a project get out of control, plus news for 12/16/2013.

Direct download: ISTBonusAndriodAntics12162013.mp3
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A look inside Zarlene's medical library, and news for 12/03/2013

Direct download: ISTBonus_Fungus120313.mp3
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Zarlene gets a surprise visit from her little zister.

Direct download: IST_Bonus_Zuddenly_Zuzan.mp3
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Captain Baxter does not get invited to dinner.

News for 11/11/2013

Direct download: ISTBonus_111113DockingDifficulties.mp3
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Crick and Lorem place all the ship's hopes on one small head.

A warmup scene from 09/22/13, plus news for 10/21/13.

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Chief Engineer Fritz Fassbinder has news for Captain Baxter that can only be described as...disconcerting. A warmup from 09/08/2013, plus news for 09/17/13. 

Direct download: ISTBonus_TribblingNews090813.mp3
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Fritz teaches Crick about science. It's the new thing. A brief warm-up scene from 07/07/2013

Direct download: ISTBonus_holosciencefair.mp3
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Corbomite learns an important life lesson about ancient Earth mating rituals. Also news for 08/18/2013

Direct download: ISTBonus_UndiscoveredTwerking.mp3
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News for 08/09/2013, plus the crew discusses their recent encounter with the powerful entity known as Farnum, and the fate of young Pete. FYI: Farnum totally failed an empathy test when he took a dislike to Greg.

Direct download: ISTBonus_BladeJogger.mp3
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The crew reminiscises on a recent adventure in Starboards, plus news for 07/08/2013

Direct download: ISTBonus_YesterdaysNebulaEpilogue.mp3
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Ensign Lorem and Captain Baxter enjoy freedom of verse and of thigh, to the chagrin of Dr. Zonalzon.

Improvised on June 16, 2013. Title suggested by Justin Kavanagh via Facebook.

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In our live show at the Chicago Nerd Comedy Fest on Saturday June 1st, the rogueish Captain Thunderhawk took command of the Sisyphus while Captain Baxter was being pieced back together in the transporter buffer. His harsh, absent-father charms worked their magic on Lorem and Lady, while the rest of the crew fought his tough love.

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For new listeners, a chance to meet the crew of the Sisyphus along side Ambassador Gleebob of Bobglee.  Plus news for 05/28/2013

Direct download: ISTBonus_MeetTheCrew.mp3
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On April 26th, Improvised Star Trek performed the episode "Ferengis on Fire" live on the iO stage, with special guest star Philip Markle as Ensign Jensen! Here's what happened...

Direct download: IST_Bonus_Ensign_Jensens_Report.mp3
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Inspired by Ep 59: Today is a Good Day to Cry, improvised in January 13, 2013 HIchop! is performed by Jen Usellis Mackay; & translated by Robyn Stewart, Chris Lipscombe, Christopher Kidder-Mostrom, Jeremy Cowan, and Ali Kidder-Mostrom.

Direct download: ISTBonus_HIchop.mp3
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An mp3 of HIchop, from the Episode Today is a Good Day to Cry is your bonus this week.  But we thought you might like it as a seperate file.

So this is the news for 04/22/2013!

Direct download: ISTbonus_HIchopintro042313.mp3
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Thanks to all who attended the First Cotnact Coundown.  Heres a song from the evening!

Direct download: ISTBonus_20130408.mp3
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News for 04/01/2013; Special event announcements, and an epilogue to the 03/23/2013 Live Show at the iO Theater, in which a deadly virus forced the crew to give the performance of their lives.

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In our first live podcast episode, the crew wakes up on the bridge to discover certain body parts have taken on minds of their own... or have they had them all along?

Direct download: ist-sparkling-bedsheets.mp3
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In this epilogue to the live show Attack of Lense Flare(performed February 22nd at the iO theater of Chicago), the crew discusses recent events over a game of Parisees Squares.  Plus news for 03/03/2013.

Direct download: ISTBonus_AttackofTheLensflare.mp3
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In this brief scene, Cdr. Hayes, Lt. Cola, and Dr. Zonalzon discuss the dos and don't of Truth or Dare.

Plus news for 02/12/13.

Scene suggestion from Paul Nichols, via facebook. 

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