Improvised Star Trek
For ten years Improvised Star Trek explored the final frontier of comedy by turning Star Trek into an improv office comedy. Taking suggestions submitted on Twitter and Facebook, the cast (featuring some of Chicago’s top improvisors) creates a fully improvised episode detailing the adventures of the USS Sisyphus, a less enterprising starship. New episodes are posted every other week. Improvised Star Trek is a fan production. Star Trek is property of CBS.

Corbomite attempts to unravel the mystery of the vanishing captain while Fritz's natural charisma inspires the rest of the crew. Recorded March 11, 2012(except for that bit with Baxter). Titled suggested by Padraic Connelly via Facebook.

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Crick goes to see Dr. Z about a very sensitive issue.

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Lt. Cmdr. Fassbender creates a new form of life, endowed with shortcomings all too familiar to the crew of the Sisyphus, but entirely unfamiliar to the newest crew member, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Zarlene Zonalzon. Improvised Star Trek welcomes Mary Cait Walthall to the cast as Dr. Zonalzon. 

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In this short scene, the Sisyphus visits the Planet of Echoes. The Sisyphus visits the Planet of Echoes. Recorded May 8, 2011. Title suggested by Noah Blair.

Plus news for April 8, 2012.

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The Sisyphus finds a basket on its doorstep, and Lt. Morkolitz tries to patch things up with Jill.

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