Improvised Star Trek
For ten years Improvised Star Trek explored the final frontier of comedy by turning Star Trek into an improv office comedy. Taking suggestions submitted on Twitter and Facebook, the cast (featuring some of Chicago’s top improvisors) creates a fully improvised episode detailing the adventures of the USS Sisyphus, a less enterprising starship. New episodes are posted every other week. Improvised Star Trek is a fan production. Star Trek is property of CBS.

Its a goulish night of terror and treats when the Sisyphus celebrates All Holodeck's Eve.  Will the arboreatum gets teepeed again this year?

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Lorem & Hayes discuss their Holodeck's Eves plans. Next week's esidode:"All Holodeeck's Eve."

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A sweet discovery leads to some metaphorically rotten teeth when Cmdr. Hayes and Lt. Cola beam down to Papara, the ice cream planet.

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Capt. Baxter and Lt. Lady Cola are stuck in a cave. I don't know what else to say.

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A survey of ancient ruins threatens the ship with...well, theres some debate on what.

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