Improvised Star Trek
For ten years Improvised Star Trek explored the final frontier of comedy by turning Star Trek into an improv office comedy. Taking suggestions submitted on Twitter and Facebook, the cast (featuring some of Chicago’s top improvisors) creates a fully improvised episode detailing the adventures of the USS Sisyphus, a less enterprising starship. New episodes are posted every other week. Improvised Star Trek is a fan production. Star Trek is property of CBS.

The Ferengi's attack during contest week, winning the Sisyphus crew a ship careening out of control. Oh and don't forget it's Christmas and the new Captain has banned use of the replicators. If it weren't for the magic of science this episode would be grimmer than Tiny Tim's prospects. 

Improvised September 4th, 2016 from a suggestion by Joe TeamValor Grönroos via Facebook

Edited by Hannah Parsons


Matt Young as Captain Baxter, Lt. Greg, Ferengi 3

Chris Rathjen as Comdr. Corbomite Hayes, Scooter

Nick Wagner as Lt. Ch’arles Lorem, Ferengi 1

Sean Kelley as Cmdr. Crick Watson, Jewish Engineer

Eli Mandel as Acting Chef Rip Stiply, Ferengi 2, Tiny Tim Engineer

Mary Cait Walthall as Zarlene Zonalzon, Ensgn. Operator

Guest Starring

Allison Ringhand as Barb Sandgwick


Ads voiced by Samuel Parsons

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The Romulans are up to some sneaky time tricks, so Ensign Operator needs to teach cavemen to play with fire, but without a poker... Get it? Poker? POKE ER? GET IT? 


Mat Young as Captain Baxter, Lt. Greg

Chris Rathjen as Cmdr. Hayes, Caveman, Romulan Trickster

Mary Cait Walthall as Ensign Operator

Sean Kelley as Cmdr. Crick Watson, Caveman

Nick Wagner as Lt. Ch'arles Lorem, Sub-Commander Tichel, Caveman

Eli Mandel as Acting Chef Rip Stipley, Romulan Commander, Thag

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