Improvised Star Trek
For ten years Improvised Star Trek explored the final frontier of comedy by turning Star Trek into an improv office comedy. Taking suggestions submitted on Twitter and Facebook, the cast (featuring some of Chicago’s top improvisors) creates a fully improvised episode detailing the adventures of the USS Sisyphus, a less enterprising starship. New episodes are posted every other week. Improvised Star Trek is a fan production. Star Trek is property of CBS.
Nick and Rusty find themselves on a Federation starship, where they make some new friends and enjoy a sea breeze.

Improvised July 19, 2015 from a suggestion by Brain Sebby. 
Edited by Roger Payton

Griffen Eckstein as Lt. Son, Lt. Cdr. Fritz Fassbinder, Lt. Lackey
Sean Kelley as Lt. Carl, Lt. Cdr. Crick Watson
Eli Mandel as Nick O’Time, Acting Doctor Rip Stipley
Christopher Rathjen as Cdr. Corbomite Hayes, Scooter, Cockney Bartender
Nick Wagner as Lt. Ch'arles Lorem
Julia Weiss as Rusty the Time Traveling Dog, En. Spot, a Child
This weeks episode is sponsored by Iron Galaxy, a member of the Chicago Podcast Coop.
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Just because you can't do something, doesn't mean you should.

Improvised July 12th from a suggestion by @CountCarver

Eli Mandel as Acting Dr. Rip Stipley

Bex Marsh as Ensign Maru

Nick Wagner as Ch'arles Lorem

Matt Young as Julius Valentine Baxter

News for September 21st, 2015

Big Thanks to CAH and Disruptor Beam for bringing us out to PAX, and check out Star Trek Timelines!

See us Live September 24th,

See us Live October 3rd,

See us Live for eight weeks starting November 6th!

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Hopes are high, likely too high, when the crew goes on vacation.

Improvised July 12, 2015 from a Suggested by Tyson Thorp.

This episode sponsored by Emporium Arcade Bar, a member of the Chicago Podcast Coop.

Edited by Christopher Rathjen


Griffen Eckstein as Chief Engineer Fritz Fassbinder, Lt. Lackey, Carm Difference

Eli Mandel as Acting Doctor Rip Stipley

Bex Marsh as Hotel Clerk, Mrs. Stipley

Nick Wagner as Lt. Ch'arles Lorem

Julia Weiss as Lt. Rita King

Matt Young as Captain Julius Valentine Baxter, Mr. King

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