Improvised Star Trek (extras)
Improvised Star Trek explores the final frontier of comedy by turning Star Trek into an improv office comedy. Taking suggestions submitted on Twitter and Facebook, the cast (featuring some of Chicago’s top improvisors) creates a fully improvised episode detailing the adventures of the USS Sisyphus, a less enterprising starship. New episodes are posted every other week. To learn more about the show check out our website, facebook page, or twitter!
Improvised Star Trek is fan production. Star Trek is property of CBS/Paramount.

The final show of the Improvised Star Trek's 2012 live run at the iO theater, the episode "The Borg Ate My Homework" featured improv team Pudding Thank You as the Harlem Globetrotters.

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A prison monologue from Captain Baxter's nemesis gets you caught up on a recent adventure. Sometimes Acidopholis Happens was performed on May 26, 2012 at Chicago's iO Theater from an audience suggestion, with special guest Nate Parkes as Dr. Ricardo Solaris.  Plus news for June 4, 2012. Do forgive a little audio wobble.

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Crick and Corbomite enjoy some synthale after an exciting adventure, plus news for the week of 5/20/12. Dinobots was performed at Chicago's iO Theater on 05/19/2012. Now you know what happened.

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Corbomite steps up to meet a diplomatic emergency when an ambassador sees/is red. Plus news for 05/06/12.  Bonus Scene recorded 10/19/11, next new episode 5/13/12.

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Crick goes to see Dr. Z about a very sensitive issue.

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In this short scene, the Sisyphus visits the Planet of Echoes. The Sisyphus visits the Planet of Echoes. Recorded May 8, 2011. Title suggested by Noah Blair.

Plus news for April 8, 2012.

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Ensign Lorem is sent to fetch something old from the ship's attic. Improvised January 29, 2012 with special guest Bill Stern. 

Plus news for March 25, 2012.

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Announcing several changes to Improvised Star Trek!


Firstly, new episodes will now be released biweekly instead of weekly. While we're sorry to make you wait longer between adventures of the USS Sisyphus, the new schedule will ensure that episodes arrive reliably on time, and that every episode meets our highest production standards.  It'll also free us up to produce bonus materials we've wanted to provide. Expect to hear some extras coming your way soon, hopefully to tide you over between new episodes.


Secondly, we're thrilled to welcome a new member to the cast, Mary Cait Walthall.  Mary Cait is an active member of the Chicago improv community, and we're all thrilled to have her on board the Sisyphus.   Listen for her in upcoming episodes!


Lastly, thanks to all of you who listen. If you're a fan of the show, keep spreading the word to your friends. Thats all for now, but we've got some exciting stuff in works, so keep listening, and watch here for all your Improvised Star Trek news.

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The ships Emergency Tour Guide Hologram leads you on an exciting tour of the USS Sisyphus.

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Welcome to Improvised Star Trek!  Our first "season" starting in April 2011 was a ton of fun, but there was a bit of learning curve taking our live stage show from iO Chicago and turning it into a podcast.  Early episodes suffer from audio problems (though we're humbly submit that we took less time than TNG to find our footing), so for that reason we've pruned the first season a bit so that only episodes recognizable as what Improvised Star Trek became are available in the feed.

Still, we understand Star Trek fans are completists by nature, so if you see any episode numbers missing and need to know what we cut, you can still hear them by heading to our website:


Thanks for checking out Improvised Star Trek! The Human Adventure of the USS Sisyphus is just beginning.

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